iFungi AU

The australian version of iFunch, the historical mushrooms app developed in Italy, made possible thanks to the contribution of Gregg Cook, member of Fungimap, Australian fungi mapping data base.

This app helps you with a fast identification system based on morphological and color features. You’ll be able to immediately recognize the mushrooms you find on your walk using a procedure that simplifies their identification and minimizes the possibility of error.

You can browse the about 400 selected species wherever you are, viewing the photos, illustrated tables and detailed information providing more accurate identification and fun facts. You can even find single mushrooms by their names.

The mushroom photos were taken by fans throughout the world. You can even have yours published by following the instructions on the support site. The best photos and photographers’ names will be added to future updates.

Inspired by the Haeckel graphics, used for the app icon, we are preparing a set of images to be printed on a variety of artifacts (t-shirts, mugs, covers for smartphones, etc.) that you can already view and buy on Society6 or Redbubble.