Expo and the City

The app has been removed from the app stores for the end of Expo Milano 2015.


Expo and the City is a promotional platform based on a freely accessible web portal and an app developed for all mobile devices covering the main operating systems.

It was made on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015, designed as a guide to the city of Milan for the Expo visitors.

On a map of the city specifically designed you can find at any time your position, the places of artistic and cultural interest, with pictures and references, but above all an indication of commercial and creative activities that are landmarks in their field or that wanted to offer something special in the context of a global event: a special menu, a discount, a free gift, an event or more. An interface designed with attention to the needs of the visitor finally allows a pleasant interaction, almost playful, with a complex system of geo-localized information, suggesting very interesting routes and itineraries.